"Excellent .. always a pleasure to be taught by highly talented teachers." Dalip M

"Dedicated musicians who can teach. What more could you want? Tip top" Amanda Q

"Started lessons on sax and now doing a 10 week jazz workshop with Curly Music School. Excellent tuition catered specifically around your ability level, making progress and enjoying music. Top tutors - highly recommended." Kevin T

"Lessons tailor made to your individual needs and abilities. Currently attending a Sax Jazz Impro Workshop and whilst it is demanding you come away thinking "Yes I am definitely improving." A good feeling" - Roy E

"Neil has proved to be a great teacher and I am enjoying the Blues Guitar course that he is running. What Neil doesn't know about the guitar is probably not worth know. Highly recommended!" - Ian P

"Run by professional musicians and I can honestly say that I've made more progress in the last 4 months than I did in the past 3 years learning to play the Saxophone. The teaching is tailored to the individual, the lessons are always interesting and every time, I come away with something new. Inspiring and very motivating." - Lisa B

"I received excellent saxophone tuition from Bob. He is an expert at assessing every aspect of playing technique starting with posture, breathing, embouchure and tonal quality right through to advanced techniques. Fully recommended - whether you’re just starting to learn, or a very experienced player looking for specific tuition to address a particular issue. And he’s a very nice, kind, straightforward guy, too!" - Janet S

"Curly Music School is professionally run by actual gigging musicians who can really play. My knowledge, technique and tone have come on in leaps and bounds since starting saxophone lessons here just 6 months ago. Teaching is tailored to the individuals needs and goes at a pace suitable to individual capabilities while always pushing you and striving for improvement. It doesn't hurt that all the guys from Curly Woodwind and Curly Music are there to help with friendly, honest advice and any bits you might need on your journey such as reeds or strings etc. 5 Stars from me" - John F


"A great idea, a great course and great tuition from maestro Bob. Having the opportunity to get to 'play' with Johnny and Seth was a brilliant way to end the course." - Tony McClure (Jazz Sax Course)

"A wonderful accessible course on how to learn improvise jazz. Great bunch of people and inspiring practical tuition from Bob Whittaker of Curly Music School. The opportunity to play with musicians of the calibre ofJohnny Hunter and Seth Bennett was amazing (if somewhat daunting!). Highly recommended!" - Gill Roberts (Jazz Sax Course)

"Thanks Bob for all the support, encouragement and patience over the last 10 weeks. This course has really been an inspiration to me, which is exactly why I've joined the 'Curly Music Sax Club'. Very professionally run, lots of fun and a real experience. You've shown me a great way of really methodically practicing, learning and developing my improvisational chops. It's a very long road ahead but the difference I've noticed in my playing since week 1 is amazing, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm no Joshua Redman but I like to think if people heard me play now they probably wouldn't throw things at me. The course has given me lots to think about but has never felt overwhelming, every week was fun and a valuable experience. 
I think about how far I've come in the last 10 weeks and it really makes me wonder, where will my playing be at in a years time? I'm so enthused to learn more and continue to grow as a player thanks mostly to the teachings of Sifu Bob Whittaker.
Also a big thanks to Seth and Johnny for coming down and giving us a real band to make noises over last night, it was a real honour to attempt to play something that sounded like music with 2 amazing world class musicians, and a real treat to listen to their views and opinions on all things jazz.
5 stars for all aspects of the CM Jazz Sax Workshop, worth every penny and more, thanks Bob, see you next week!" - John Fletcher (Jazz sax Workshop)

"Was really something to play with Seth and Johny last night. True professionals and really nice guys. The course has been truly inspirational and I have learned so much in 10 short weeks. Big thank you to Bob at Curly Music School for making it all possible and putting it all together. Looking forward now to the next phase of Curly Sax club. This course is the only one of its kind in Liverpool and if you,re serious about improving your saxophone playing then you really shouldn't miss it" - Lisa Bradley-Brown (Jazz Sax Workshop)

"Thanks for the 10 week programme Bob. It was my first experience of learning in a group and I found it challenging, especially in the early weeks but gradually it all came together. It has refreshed stuff I knew yet also brought new ways of thinking which has made a big difference in how I approach the solos. The final session has given me huge confidence to move forward. One of my neighbours in our apartments has heard me practice in recent weeks and said to my wife 'I wish he would open the balcony doors, he sounds really good!' Thank you for the last 10 weeks I recommend it to people who want to get much more from their current playing." - John Drysdale (Jazz Sax Workshop)

"If you can more or less play your sax and your aim is to play jazz, this is your workshop. Great fun, learning at all levels and making music most of the time." - Mathias Brust (Jazz Sax Workshop)

"Brilliant workshop, learnt a lot about improv....Looking forward to partaking in future workshops with CMS - Highly recommended" - Kevin Trimm (Jazz Sax Workshop)


"Fantastic course and fantastic teacher. To say this course was value for money is an understatement, even if it was double the cost. The course goes beyond just blues genre and sets a solid foundation for music theory as a whole. 
Neil’s ability to explain theory in a simple to understand manner has made this course extremely enjoyable and informative, just don’t get him started on his car analogy! Hopefully Neil extends the course as I can’t wait to continue with the blues journey."
Paul Fitzgerald (Acoustic Blues Guitar Course)

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